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Closing date for abstracts: 26 August 2016

Notice of acceptance by: 15 September 2016

The Organising Committee invites submission of abstracts to be considered for oral or poster presentation (please indicate your preference). Authors are requested to follow the instructions clearly.

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

Abstract Format

Maximum of 200 words in MS Word. Page set up with A4 margins, top, bottom, Times New Roman 12 pt font – left justified. No graphs or diagrams permitted.

Provision has been made for approximately 15 x 5 minute oral presentations and 20 Poster presentations. Note: All visuals shown must have informed consent. Speakers must declare conflict of interest before starting their presentations.

Kindly divide your abstract according to the following headings:

First line: Title in bold (centre justified)
Second line: Authors surname followed by initials or first name. Underline presenting author if not the first author
Third line: Affiliation / Institution
Fourth line – leave blank
First paragraph: (untitled) introduction / background
Second paragraph: Aim or objective (title in bold)
Third paragraph: Method
Fourth Paragraph Results a table or graph may be embedded in the text but must be legible when the printed version will be shrunk to at approximately 25% size for publication.
Final paragraph Conclusion
References are not necessary
Presenter’s e-mail address on last line


The Symposium organisers will appoint two judging panels consisting of uninvolved experts to judge the best oral presentation and the best poster. There will also be a prize for the best poster and oral presentation. Presenters will be advised by 15 September 2016.

Oral Presentations

The official language of the conference is English. There will be selected oral presentations. Oral presentations will be allowed 5 minutes speaking time and 2 minutes question time.

Accepted posters will be displayed outside the entrance of the conference centre in Goudini. Posters (Portrait only – no landscape accepted) should at most measure 95cm (width) and approximately 1.5m (height). Full details for preparation of posters will be included in the abstract acceptance letter.


Please email Elaine Rutherfoord-Jones on: elaine.rutherfoord-jones@uct.ac.za

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Author Details:

Additional authors:

Presenters Details: (To whom all correspondence will be addresses)

H3-D Symposium 2016

Character Count 1500

I confirm that the content of this presentation reflects my own original research?

This work has been previously published?

I have no conflict of interest? (if yes, give reason for the conflict of interest below)

My conflict of interest:

I confirm that all the authors of this presentation have approved the abstract and presentation?