Invitation from Kelly Chibale, Chair of the

2016 H3D Symposium:

I would like to extend an invitation to you to seriously consider attending the 3rd H3D Symposium to be held in Africa, the second to be held in the Western Cape, this time at Goudini Spa near Worcester.  Goudini Spa, surrounded by iconic Cape vineyards and beautiful mountain scenery, is a uniquely South African resort, featuring several geothermal and cool pools.

The organizing committee is currently encouraging participation in the symposium by drug discovery scientists from Africa, as well from all over the globe, who are working on the discovery of drugs to combat Tuberculosis (TB),Malaria and a host of Neglected Tropical Diseases.  The theme of this third H3D symposium is Malaria, Tuberculosis and Neglected Tropical Diseases: Progress in Drug Discovery and Development’.

Through this symposium we aim to ensure that TB, Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases, all highly infectious and deleterious and primarily affecting the African population, will receive worldwide attention in both scientific and non-scientific arenas; I urge you to consider participating and making the most of this opportunity.  Besides networking with the other delegates, there will be wonderful scenery to admire and activities of many kinds to enjoy at the Spa and surrounds.  In terms of the Symposium itself and cheekily borrowing a line from the Spa’s advertising, I hope that participation in this symposium will provide ‘a spring for our research’!

Kelly Chibale